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Reasons for Strain in Aluminum Alloy Die Casting and Repair Methods

Release time:2023-05-24 23:46:52 order

Reasons for Strain in Aluminum Alloy Die Casting and Repair Methods

With the continuous development of society, the use of aluminum alloy die-casting has become very widespread. Products are widely used in the petroleum, industrial, and mineral industries. In our daily lives, such aluminum alloy die-casting is mainly used in automobiles, so many people will list automobile aluminum alloy die-casting separately.

The main marks of tensile damage in aluminum alloy die-casting are linear strips on the surface of the casting along the direction of mold opening. If the marks have a certain depth, they can be severe and can be tensile damage on the entire surface. The surface of the aluminum alloy die-casting mold and the adhesion of the metal liquid can lead to material shortage on the surface of its castings.

The main causes of defects in aluminum alloy die-casting are damage to the surface of the mold cavity or the occurrence of a small slope in the direction of ejection, balance during ejection, or looseness of the mold.

The treatment method for aluminum alloy die-casting is to promptly repair the surface damage of the mold and adjust the slope of the mold, which can effectively improve the surface smoothness of the mold and balance the force when adjusting the ejector pin.

When using aluminum alloy die-casting, it is necessary to control the casting mold well to reach a temperature of 200 degrees. When controlling, it is necessary to accurately control the temperature, so a dedicated mold temperature machine for aluminum alloy die-casting is needed.

After a period of use, aluminum alloy die-casting requires timely replacement of its release agent, and reasonable adjustment of its aluminum alloy iron content and cooling time. The internal gate of the finished product needs to be modified in a timely manner.