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Dongguan Runxin Metal Products Co., Ltd. Our factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, employs more than 100 people, and has complete equipment. Our factory has a complete processing center department. Currently, the company has multiple 180T-500T precision die-casting machines, multiple precision gear hobbing machines, multiple precision CNC turning and milling composite machines, multiple precision CNC cutting machines, more than 540-1370 precision CNC CNC machines, multiple precision stamping machines, multiple intermediate wire runs, environmentally friendly polishing machines, cutting machines, and multi axis tapping machines, Rotary table machine and horizontal machine, gear hobbing machine, fully automatic drilling; Tapping machine; Ordinary drilling; Several tapping machines. I am particularly skilled in processing metal hardware such as aluminum alloy products, zinc alloy parts, magnesium alloy parts, copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.

Equipped with a complete set of mold making equipment, we undertake a series of business including mold development, production, maintenance, and die-casting production, as well as subsequent drilling, tapping, polishing, sandblasting, aluminum alloy purification treatment, and assembly.

Main products or services: design, molding, die-casting, post-processing, lighting die-casting accessories, automotive die-casting accessories, furniture die-casting accessories, automotive audio cooling fins, electromechanical motors, tapping machine teeth

Wheels, reducer gears, motorcycle accessories, mobile phone shells, fishing boat radar shells, craft gifts, cleaning equipment, etc

Our factory has its own machining workshop, polishing and polishing workshop, grinding and sanding workshop, as well as electroplating factories, paint baking factories, oxidation factories that have been cooperating with customers for many years and have stable quality delivery times. We can provide customers with product drawings

One stop service includes design, mold design, mold manufacturing, die-casting products, post-processing products, and surface treatment of products.

Runxin Metal adheres to the concept of prioritizing customer needs and product quality. While producing and processing high-quality products, it continuously saves costs for customers and maximizes their interests.

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  • Corporate Mission

    Corporate Mission

    Empowering Physical Manufacturing Enterprises with the Internet

  • Corporate Vision

    Corporate Vision

    Becoming an influential internet manufacturing enterprise in China

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    Creating Value for Customers/Creating Value for Employees Creating Value for the Enterprise

  • Corporate Vision

    Corporate Vision

    Take care of every small matter with your heart